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 Hardland Kennel of Athens, Georgia offers healthy and gorgeous Goldendoodles and Multigenerational doodles in many colors and varying sizes.  We are a veterinarian and veterinary technician owned and operated kennel located near Athens, Georgia.  Our parents dogs have been carefully selected, tested and loved.  Our parents were selected with a primary focus on physical and mental health.  They have been tested for physical attributes as well as trainablilty and socially appropriate behavior.  Our babies are all very beautiful, however beauty was our secondary focus.  The parent dogs and their babies are seen daily by a veterinarian and a veterinary technician and are meticulously monitored both physically and psychologically.  All of our wonderful dogs get plenty of play time and belly rubs.  They also receive  training on, at least, a weekly basis.  The parent dogs have been raised on property with a lake, two creeks and several acres to swim and run.

  They have two human brothers that swim and play ball with them.  These activities insure that the parent dogs and their babies are well socialized.  Our gorgeous puppies are born in the hospital.  Mom and babies remain in the hospital under the intense but loving eyes of their veterinarian for several days and possibly a couple of weeks until they can safely be moved home.  We feel that this form of intensive care of both mother and babies gives our puppies a healthier start.  




Every breed has its unique list of problems.  Hybrid dogs, such as Goldendoodles,  Bernedoodles, and minidoodles are the result of crossbreeding that reduces the risk of genetic abnormalities or problems.  All of our dogs have been evaluated for several common genetic abnormalities that occur in many breeds of dogs.  The screening includes hip, elbow, heart and eye certification.  It also includes a test for  blood diseases that can be present in some dogs at birth.    The dogs receive daily evaluations by their veterinarian but also visit specialists in each of these areas.  The crossbreeding of Poodles to Goldendoodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs also helps to increase the healthier genes present in both breeds of dogs.  The cross breeding is also responsible for the unique coat textures and colors present in our puppies.  The meticulously careful breeding practices of Hardland  Kennels allow us to give you a puppy that is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside! 




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