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At Hardland Kennels we take pride in our beautiful doodles.  We want you to understand how special doodles actually are!  It is extremely important to us that you know what a doodle is and what to expect.  Our babies are all wonderful and grow up to be fantastic family members, however, unrealistic expectations can make any new puppy experience less than joyful.  We are dedicated to providing you and your puppy with the skills and knowlege to form a beautiful, loving and fun relationship right from the start.  Understanding the genetics of the puppy will help you to decide which puppy is best for your family.



F1B Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles


The Goldendoodle is a pairing of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.  Our goldendoodle mommies are paired with a toy poodle with the babies being called F1B Mini-Goldendoodles.  The "B" stands for Backcross wherein the Goldendoodle is Backcrossed with the pure-bred toy poodle.  This backcross produces a curlier, softer, low-shedding coat. At Authentic Jewels Kennels we have chosen toy poodles as our male parent dogs.  This enhances coat and reduces the adult size of the dogs.



Doodle sizes


Multigenerational Bernedoodles and  Goldendoodles may be seen in many sizes.  Our parent dogs were chosen with size being a high priority.  Many potential doodle owners are very specific about the size of the dog they can accomodate.  Many years of experience allow us to accurately predict the size that our babies will be as adults.  It is important to note that size is nearly impossible to guarantee.....the doggie's DNA can't read the genetics book!  At various times we will have Mini F1B Goldendoodles and Petite F1B Goldendoodles available as well as small standard Bernedoodles and F1B mini Bernedoodles. The mini's are typically 18 inches or less at the shoulder.  The petites will be smaller.  We also offer Mini and Petite multigenerational doodles.  Please see our available puppy pages for upcoming litters.



Doodle Colors


Our babies are available in many colors.  It is important to know that some colors are more difficult to achieve when pairing doodles!!  Therefore, there are some colors that will be a little more expensive.  These are usually rare colors that are in high demand.  Our babies will have beautiful coats in black, yellow, red,  cream , parti and merle.  Our Bernedoodles will be available as tri-color, black and white, blue merle and red merle.  If you have questions about coat color, please don't hesitate to call us.  We are readily available for questions.



Doodle personalities


Like people, dogs have different personalities.  We can help you choose the puppy that will enhance your life and allow you to enhance the puppy's life as well!  Please let us know what type of dog, not just breed, size or color, that you are looking for. The lifestyle of you and your family affects what puppy you should choose.   If you want to run with your puppy, teach it to retrieve, or just lay around on the couch we can match a beautiful baby to you!  


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