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Testing and Certification



 All of our parents undergo extensive testing and evaluation.  Hips and elbows are certified by the Orthopedic foundation for Animals (OFA).  Each parent dog receives an evaluation by a board certified cardiologist and must be approved for breeding by the cardiologist.  They are approved for breeding by a board certified ophthalmologist as well.  Other testing to minimize the risk of inherited abnormalities include Von Willebrand's testing, and monthly general health evaluations.

Every  If you have specific questions about certifications and evaluations that are performed on breeding dogs please don't hesitate to ask us.  

Below is a list of testing that each of our parent dogs will be subjected to.  Some testing cannot be completed before the parents are 2 years of age.  You can find the results of testing that has been completed on our Meet the Parents page.  Test results will be posted as they are completed.

PRCD, PRA, and Von Willebrand's testing at 6 months of age

Cardiology breeding soundness evaluation at 1 year of age

Ophthalmology breeding soundness evaluation at 8 months of age

OFA certification of hips and elbows at 2 years of age, however preliminary radiographs will be evaluated at 8 months of age

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